DesignLab Nation: Water, Wind and Speed

07/09/2021 - 31/08/2022

Ipswich Museum


Suitable for Everyone

Science and Nature

About this Display

Throughout history, and across the world, people have used the materials around them to make the things they need. Amongst some of the earliest objects made by people are boats, made from logs, bent branches and animal skins. Whether to catch fish or cross oceans, all ships and boats were – and are – designed and built to meet a particular need, using the most suitable materials available.

Today’s boatbuilders and designers have access to a wide range of natural and man-made materials. These combine strength with lighter weight, and can be formed into streamlined shapes, to travel faster and more efficiently. Some of these materials and techniques have been adapted from, or are also used for, other purposes. The objects in this display have all been designed to make use of/ harness the qualities of different materials for particular needs, similar to those of boatbuilders.

DesignLab Nation is part of the V&A’s National Schools Programme, which aims to inspire the next generation of designers, makers and innovators and expand the reach of the V&A collections. The programme brings together secondary schools in partnership with regional museums, designers, industries and the V&A to engage students and support teachers through in-depth design projects.


This event is free to all.

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