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We are piloting new sessions over the summer term, ahead of the 2019/20 school year. Children will engage with their local heritage, explore science and arts holistically, and apply their learning in new ways.

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Maths at the Mansion

Will focus on maths/ numeracy skills, challenging pupils to apply their maths skills and strategies to problems relating to the architecture, decoration and historical lives associated with Christchurch Mansion.


Discover in a Day

Looks at a range of art forms and John Constable in particular. Pupils will examine and discuss paintings, sketches, sculpture, textiles and wood carving to make links with art in their own lives. They will also explore how our local area is presented in art. There will be an option to receive the ‘Discover’ Arts Award as a result of this visit.


Why’s that in a museum?

Is a combined local history and science study, examining objects linked to the families who lived in Christchurch Mansion throughout history and developing communication skills to discuss and debate why they are kept in a museum.


Anglo Saxons

An opportunity to explore Ipswich Museum and find out about life in Anglo Saxon Suffolk. Pupils will look at a variety of real artifacts and replicas, and hear stories about how local people lived.

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