Marvellous Machines

Schools Week and Science Fair

Suitable for KS2

Looking for a school trip to bring Design Technology to life for your pupils? Complementing the Marvellous Machines exhibition, we are hosting a schools STEM week, from 7th to 11th October 2019, to support Key Stage 2 pupils’ understanding of science, technology and engineering. We will be rounding off the week with a Science Fair on Saturday 12th October.

More Information: Schools Week

Activities include:

  • making an automata
  • solving practical engineering problems in teams
  • exploring the Marvellous Machines exhibition

This unique schools package will run for one week only, between 7th and 11th October.

Minimum charge may apply. Prices are valid until 11th October 2019.

Minimum and maximum group sizes: 30 to 60 pupils.

Adult:Pupil Ratio: 1:6

Duration: 240 minutes

Ipswich Art Gallery

Full Day Session

£4.70 per child (Non-Borough School)
£4.20 per child (Ipswich Borough School)


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We are now invoicing all school groups for their visits. Invoices will follow approximately 10 working days from the date of your trip. The number of children indicated on the booking form is an approximate. You will only be charged for the number of children who actually visit on the day.

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More Information: Science Fair

Ipswich Museum and Art Gallery will be hosting a Science Fair on Saturday 12th October. Local schools and youth groups are welcome to bring along groups of children who have worked together to design and construct a marvellous machine of their own and host a stall that shows off their creations to the visiting public.

Activities include:

  • exploring the museum’s engineering and technology collections

  • demonstrations and hands-on activities

  • learning more about the technology our descendants relied on in the past

  • inventing a marvellous machine

  • investigating how some of our most familiar technology works in our tinkerlab.

Ipswich Art Gallery

10am – 4pm


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