Ipswich Museum Adventures

Come with us on a journey to explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt….

Learn about the soul’s journey to the afterlife, and discover how long ago this civilisation was – and how long it lasted for!

Use the accompanying activity pack to learn hieroglyphics, make a mask of an Egyptian god, create and decorate your own scarab, and more!

Exciting Egyptians!

This activity comes with an Egyptian chest of handling objects, containing high-quality replicas, made by local craftspeople or sourced from the British Museum. You will also receive a fact file of information and an activity pack that you can use in class.

Our Exciting Egyptians package includes two short films to inspire you and your pupils on this magical journey into Ancient Egypt!

This loan box is a copy of one found in Tutankhamum’s tomb, and contains:

  • Statuettes of Ra, Isis, Horus, Anubis and a sacred cat.
  • A miniature sarcophagus.
  • A set of four canopic jars.
  • Two shabti figures.
  • A scarab amulet.
  • A sample of papyrus.

Christchurch Mansion

One Week Hire

Ipswich Borough Schools: £90

Non-Borough Schools: £100

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