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Have you ever wondered how fossils are formed, or wanted to know more about the creatures that left them? Come on a deep-sea journey, to explore the world of ancient monsters that roamed the waters of the earth millions of years ago!

Watch and work with the videos that accompany this package, stopping at key points to examine genuine fossils.

Fantastic Fossils

Our Fantastic Fossils box is accompanied by a video. Supporting documents include information on all the objects, as well as notes for teachers on using the film, a set of press moulds to make your own fossils, and suggested questions, activities and wider learning opportunities using the objects in the box. Once booked, a link to the video will be sent.

This loan box of genuine fossils includes:

  • Ammonites x2
  • Pleisiosaur paddle x1
  • Ichtyosaur teeth x2
  • Megalodon teeth x3
  • Fossilised shark teeth x3
  • Asteracanthus fin-spine x2
  • Whale ear bones x2
  • Belemnite x1
  • Ungulate bone x1

Christchurch Mansion

One Week Hire

Ipswich Borough Schools: £90

Non-Borough Schools: £100

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