Ipswich Museum Adventures

Come with us on a Stone Age journey inspired by the oldest hand tools ever used by man! Could you hunt a mammoth with these? Would you want to??

Watch and work with the videos that accompany this package, taking your class on a mammoth hunt! Stop at key points to examine the genuine stone age tools and mammoth tooth provided in your loan box.

Prehistoric Adventures

Our Prehistoric Adventures box is accompanied by a video. Supporting material includes information on all the objects, as well as notes for teachers on using the film, and suggested questions, activities and wider learning opportunities using the objects in the box. Included is a replica bronze age axe and a replica Iron Age torc, to extend exploration of early man. Once booked, a link to the video will be sent.

This loan box contains genuine stone age artefacts:

  • Flint hand axe
  • Flint arrowhead
  • Flint scraper
  • Flint blade
  • Flint axe head
  • Mammoth tooth
  • Stone mace-head or weight


  • Bronze age axe (replica)
  • Iron age Gold torc (replica)

Christchurch Mansion

One Week Hire

Ipswich Borough Schools: £90

Non-Borough Schools: £100

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